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Littrell, 2002: Leadership preferences of multi-cultural managers in China; large file, 70 pages, aprox. 900K (Best paper of the Year, JMD 2002):
Romie F. Littrell
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Schneider & Littrell, 2003: Leadership preferences of English and German managers.
Student Training Documents:
Corporate & National Culture: Influence of cross-cultural composition of management team on leadership preferences in a Chinese organisation, A longitudinal study-working paper
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"Straw Man" model of managerial leadership, comments invited, rev. 14 Feb 2009.
Work value change as a function of economic conditons:
Littrell & Valentin, 2005, The Journal of Management Development: Leader Behaviour Preferences: Ro, De, UK
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Littrell & Nkomo, 2005, Leader Behaviour Preferences Across Race and Gender in South Africa
Leader behaviour, Educators in Uganda:
Learning Styles of East Asian/Chinese Students:
Littrell, 2007, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, "Influences on employee empowerment practices by the "Ideal Manager" in China, vol. 31, no. 1
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Recent edited books:
Leadership & Management in Sub-Sahara Africa, Volume 1 (click for link to publisher) by Romie F. Littrell and Prem Ramburuth, Paperback, US$22.95 ISBN: 978-1-934269-12-1; ©2007-out-of-print, PDF version available from Romie Littrell.
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Leadership & Management Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa Volumes II and III, Romie F. Littrell and Pieter S. Nel, Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-546-4, 290 pages, ©2011; out-of-print, PDF version available from Romie Littrell.

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